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Residential Range

Residential Range

Our Residential Log Cabin Range is now particularly popular. With the economy under pressure, many of us are looking to maximise the potential of the property we live in. We all need extra space in our house. Perhaps an annexe for relatives, teenagers, or just to rent out. Our residential range of log cabins offers flexible space and layout of rooms, combined with an unbeatable design and range of insulation options for that year round use. Our range of single and double storey ecological and environmental garden buildings and residential log cabins that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.


Timber is naturally an economical insulation material. We have created and manufactured an easy to build and innovative twin skin dual wall triple therm design that has an interlocking inner and outer wall, with a cavity between that and can be filled with your choice of insulation material. Add insulation under the floor and in the roof, and the building will be warm year round without big energy bills. If needed, your residential log cabin can be built to conform with the relevant energy and building regulations. We have designed our residential cabins with flexible internal layouts including large living areas, combined or dedicated kitchen areas, various bedroom configurations, verandas, deckings, storage areas and covered areas. We offer two storey residential cabins with a choice of living area on either the ground floor or upper floor. A timber residential log cabin offers you massive savings compared with an equivalent brick building, and is better looking and more ecological at the same time.


Thinking large? Larger residential log cabins are often a great option to consider as an alternative for commercial buildings, such as Leisure, Education, Schools or clubhouses, where a new brick building is too expensive, or an extension is not practical.


Thinking small? We also have a compact range of residential buildings called the Bunkhouse Studio range. This is ideal if you want a work or living area below, and a sleeping or storage area above.


Thinking cost? When most of us think about additional space, we will mostly first think of a house extension. But for a given size and area, a residential log cabin or garden building is significantly better value for money than a brick built extension. If we compare a residential log cabin to a traditional extension, the design and planning process will be simpler, the building cost will be lower and will be quicker. The building will be both warmer and cheaper to heat, and will be ecologically more desirable and sustainable.


Thinking residential quality? All our residential log cabins are constructed from a unique and innovative twin skin dual wall design, using either 44mm, 70mm or 90mm thick logs. These are aligned and interlocked in a dual wall system, with an air gap between the inner and outer wall allowing space for standard thickness insulation products. The result is a water and air tight insulated wall which can exceed the requirements for building regulations. When combined with insulation under the floor and in the roof, this offers an excellent level of comfort and warmth, suitable not only for permanent residential buildings requiring applicable approvals, but also suited to other purposes not require approval including home offices, occasional residential use, recreational uses such as sports rooms, exercise rooms, snooker rooms, sauna rooms and others. Most importantly, our internal walls are built from the same interlocking logs as the external walls, and are as strong as the rest of the cabin. Beware other cabins manufacturers and suppliers who might only offer flimsy non-interlocking panel walls. Remember, if you want to have strong and rigid internal doors, then you will need to be sure of strong internal supporting walls.


Thinking doors and windows? They of course need to be residential standard, and the doors and windows, we use Euro standard windows and doors. Have a look at the specific section for more information on our windows and doors.


Thinking layout? Just consider your needs, and let us know. If you need lots of bedrooms, we offer a main living room plus from one to five bedrooms as standard. Choose a separate kitchen or open plan kitchen. Choose one en suite bathroom or two. Choose extra storage rooms to be internal or external, or both. Choose single storey, mezzanine or full second floor.


Thinking bespoke? Of course, if you have a particular requirement, layout or shape for your residential log building, then we offer an outstanding custom design service where our experts will work with you to design a great looking, easy to assemble log cabin designed just for you. And this service need not be expensive. You can take full advantage of our CNC machines and design for manufacture systems, ensuring your bespoke building will perfectly designed and matched to your choice of windows, doors and interior wall layout. Our experts will also be able to advise on planning, safety standards and building regulations as required. We have a wealth of experience, just ask. We are here to help.


And as with all our log cabins and garden buildings, you can be sure that every effort has been made in the design and construction process to ensure that your log cabin or garden office is easy to build, and yet beautiful and rewarding to own. We work hard to ensure that we always offer the best range of premium quality cabins, and at the best prices.