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Garden Home Office

Garden Home Office

Becoming and increasingly popular or necessary choice today is the use of a log cabin or garden building as a home office or studio, offering a pleasing alternative to the daily commute by car or train, jostling with people or fighting for parking. Whether one day a week, or a permanent change to working from home, a log cabin garden building is the sensible and social choice today. What better way to re-establish that home – work life balance.

Over a quarter of the country's professional workforce now regularly work from home on a regular basis. And this number will only increase, of course. Is this you? Read on, and we will find just the right cabin for you.

So you work from home at the moment? Where is you allotted space? An alcove under the stairs? The dining room, or the corner of the sitting room? The spare room is most common of course, but what can you do when you have visitors to stay. You face then pain of packing it all away, getting it all out again, and putting it back into an orderly work-fashion. With a log cabin home office, home office working becomes a pleasure, and you can begin to get back in control of your work-life balance.

And what will you do if the family situation changes, as it inevitably does for many of us? Perhaps a grandmother or mum, grandfather or dad, or perhaps for many people the new baby on the way. And they need space! Whatever the reason your office space needs to be shared, invaded or taken over, we can help. A log cabin or garden building used as a home office or home studio could be just the right answer for you.

So what are the priorities for a home office? What are the essentials to look for in a cabin?

You need enough space, and a layout that suits the way you work, and where is your garden you want to put it. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, layouts and configurations, that we can be sure you will have all the space you need. Not only space for the executive desk and chair, but space for the draws and shelves for your papers and home office files, and your home files of course. Will the walls be strong enough for the shelves? In many inferior designs of log cabins this would be a concern. But not for us, because in Scandinavia and in the Baltics, houses are typically constructed to the design and to the same high quality as one of our log cabins or garden buildings.

You need to be cosy in winter and cool in summer. In one of our log cabins you will be warm. Whether you choose a single wall or an insulated twin skin dual wall cabin, a timber building is naturally and ecologically warm in winter and cool in summer. And it will be affordable to heat, and cheaper even than a typical brick built annexe.

You might need your new log cabin home office to be multi purpose. You can use the extra space also for storage, your hobby, your own private space, a summer entertainment space, your exercise room or private gym.

You need flexibility. For many people, they choose and configure their home office to us, you will find yourself smitten by the outdoor life. With a log cabin used as a summer house or garden room, you can enjoy your garden more, even when our British weather is not at its best, and you can spend time relaxing inside your garden room looking out onto your garden enjoying the view. Inside, a log cabin is calm and cosy, creating the perfect environment both for work and relaxation. When the weather is better you can sit on your verandah, enjoying a drink with friends or a book by yourself, and enjoying the fresh air whilst your neighbours look on with envy. Or walk down the garden, and look back at your home office log cabin, and see the beautiful and stylish appearance of your new log cabin office.

Of course to complete your home office, you will need to choose suitable electrical and networks fittings and connections. Well there has never been a better time to kit out your home office in style. LED lights are really great value, and will greatly enhance the internal and external appearance of your office. Create light areas for work, and ambient areas for relaxing. You will need a network in your home office, and this can now be achieved with ease. You can either work remotely with your existing wireless network, or with a wireless network repeater, or even a wired network extended down the mains electric cable using a pair of affordable network adaptor plugs.